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Thank you for choosing to become a Paw Member or Sterisuppawter of the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Please fill in the below form to set up your monthly debit order donation.

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The first debit will only come off your account on or after this date, on the debit date chosen above.

Here's what your pawsome monthly donation will do:

Paw Member

R 25 pm: Deworm one pet
R 40 pm: Flea and tick treatment for one pet
R 50 pm: Vaccinate one pet
R 100 pm: Food for one pet for one week
R 200 pm: Puppy / kitten’s 3 vital vaccinations & dewormers
R 300 pm: Food for one hospitalised patient per month
R 450 pm: Caring for one shelter pet per month
R 1000 pm: Treatment of one parvo virus patient
R 5000 pm: One orthopaedic surgery

Steri Suppawter

R 50 pm: Sterilise 1.5 animals per year
R 100 pm: Sterilise three animals per year
R 400 pm: Sterilise one animal per month

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